Dramatically improve your monitoring in only an hour

Figuring out where to start improving monitoring is one of the most common complaints I hear from my consulting clients. You’d think with the proliferation of monitoring tools, this would be a solved problem, and yet, many of us are still trying to figure out what really matters and what doesn’t.

And yet, it makes sense. After all, the hardest part of writing a book, a new app, or a painting is the beginning when there are so many possibilities and directions that you just get paralyzed by all the options.

Tools like Datadog and New Relic give you so much in the way of metrics and dashboards right out of the box, but it can be overwhelming. What do all those metrics even mean? Should I care that a certain graph looks different today than yesterday? What’s with the dozens of dashboards? Which ones matter?

And don’t even get me started on outages. What always happens? Someone always demands to know why “monitoring didn’t catch it to begin with” and kicks off a mad scramble to “add more monitoring.”

There’s a better way

What if you could head off all of this before it was ever a problem? Before you had an uncountable number of VPs emailing you, asking why the “monitoring failed to do its job again”? What if you could look at any app in your environment and know within minutes what you need to monitor and why?

Allow me to introduce my new video course: Monitor Anything. Monitor Anything walks through a series of exercises intended to teach you exactly how to determine what you need to be monitoring and why, for any application or infrastructure. This is a course that mirrors one of my standard consulting engagements that normally goes for mid-five-figures.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Theory

  • Lesson 1: What is “monitoring”? Why it matters and what we’re talking about when we say “monitoring”
  • Lesson 2: The Three Pillars of Observability: What are they? How can they guide your monitoring efforts?

Module 2: The Tools

  • Lesson 1: Picking Your Tools: Tools don’t solve problems, but good ones make it way easier
  • Lesson 2: The Blessed Stack – SaaS: The best SaaS monitoring tools that play well together
  • Lesson 3: The Blessed Stack – Self-hosted: The best self-hosted monitoring tools that play well together

Module 3: The Framework

  • Lesson 1: Methodologies: Two methodologies that will tell you exactly what to monitor and why, for any app or infrastructure
  • Lesson 2: Using The Framework: The exact exercises I use with my own clients to determine what to monitor
  • Lesson 3: Monitoring A Blackbox: Strategies for monitoring systems you don’t control, whether it’s a vendor’s API or another internal team

Total course length: 80 minutes

In a mere 80 minutes, you will walk away knowing exactly what you should be monitoring in your environment and why. I’d say that’s a pretty damn good deal, eh?

Who am I?

I’m Mike Julian, the author of the popular O’Reilly book, Practical Monitoring, the Editor of the Monitoring Weekly newsletter, and a consultant on all-things-monitoring. I’ve worked with tons of great companies to help them improve their monitoring, such as Docusign, Airbnb, Hornblower Cruises & Events, and many others (ask me about monitoring supercomputers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory sometime–it’s a fascinating problem). It’s my mission to share what I’ve learned and help everyone improve their monitoring.

What if I’m running an app in Heroku (or another PaaS)? Will this work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, you’re going to have an even easier time of it because you don’t need to worry as much about the infrastructure. Everything you learn here will be just as applicable as if you were running in AWS, GCP, or your own datacenter. The only thing that changes is the implementation (which I will be covering in the course).

I want to buy this for my whole team. How can I do that?

The course is tied to specific people. In order to buy for your team, you’ll need to purchase multiple licenses. Shoot me an email and I can get that worked out for you.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will have access to this course forever. By purchasing the course, you get lifetime access to the videos and any associated material.

How long is the course?

The course consists of eight videos varying in length, but the total course is 80 minutes.

What if I don’t like the course? Or it doesn’t work for me?

If the course doesn’t help you sort out of your monitoring challenges just let me know within 60 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. Seriously, I’m not kidding: if you don’t feel this course helped you out, I’ll refund your purchase–and you’ve got an entire 60 days to try it out.

Still have questions about the course?

Send me a message and let’s chat about whether this course is right for you, and if not, how I can help otherwise.